Students Are Back To School

On 18th January, 2021, schools in Ghana resumed after being closed down since March, 2020 due to COVID’19. This directive was given by the government of Ghana as preparations have been made towards safe reopening of schools in Ghana. This announcement from the government was very much welcomed as both students, parents and schools have been patiently waiting to be back to school. Prior to the reopening, all COVID’19 protocols had been put in place to ensure the safety of both teachers and students. Although some school children and parents were sceptical about the reopening due to the potential spread of COVID’19, they were assured of the maximum protection put in place for both students and teachers.
Schools have been supplied with Veronica buckets, soap, tissues, washable face masks and sanitizers among others for all students and teachers. CRAN, is however excited for the children to have gone back to school especially for the Child Education Support Scheme (CESS) children and for all other children. As the new academic year has taken off, CRAN as usual distributed school materials and termly feeding fees to the CESS children.