CRAN Ghana Newsletter Q2/Q3 2011

Dear Donors, Partners and Associates of CRAN,

Management and staff of the Christian Rural Aid Network have extended their regards to you. We are also very grateful for your support. You have kept fate with CRAN for several years and we acknowledge that your support has been of great help to our communities and us. For the past two quarters, a number of activities have taken place in CRAN and we are very glad to relay them to you so that you are updated as to what has been going on in CRAN. A few of such issues are depressing though, but we have had consolation in our God to provide and make all things work for our good as an organisation.

The arrival of the CEO for CRAN Microfinance has been the most significant aspect of the season because we have the hope that his coming would result in a turn-around for our microfinance scheme. The results are beginning to show.

CRAN has also not forgotten its role in building the society around us. We have been at par with our corporate social responsibility and our quest to providing spiritual and moral growth to our communities is still in focus. We have done a lot. But there are several other things that we could do by your assistance. We pray that the Lord will bless your works so you could also remit towards building the lives of the disadvantaged boys and girls, men and women in this part of our world.

Once again, we appreciate all you have done for us in the past few years and hope you would continue to do more in order to build a society devoid of poverty and ignorance.

May the Almighty God bless and replenish your strengths so that you would grow from strength to strength, grace to grace and favour to favour.

Thank you all.

Yours in His service,
Noble Johnson K. Kukubor
Communications & PR Officer

CRAN GHANA Newsletter Q2/Q3 2011