CRAN’s 4th Quarter Newsletter

Dear Partners, Donors and Associates,

The Management and Staff of the Christian Rural Aid Network and CRAN Microfinance greet you with love.

The Almighty God has sustained our lives as individuals and an organisation in 2011 especially by your support and prayer. As such we cannot forget to update you on issues that have taken place in the organisation for the last quarter of the year 2011.

We at CRAN and CRAN Microfinance are also praying for you, your businesses, because we believe that when your businesses grow and you live in health as in 3 John 2, it’s then that you could also stand in the best position to support us to bring relief to a number of disadvantaged individuals and households within the Central, Western and Volta regions of Ghana.

There were a few issues which posed challenges to us but by the grace of God, things are moving as envisaged. For instance, we had planned to relaunch the Child Education Support Scheme (CESS) which is seen as one of CRAN’s major social intervention projects at the time, however, we could not. The legal and assets separation of CRAN and CRAN Microfinance has also come as a challenge, but this year we believe there is light shining at the end of the channel for us.

The relaunch of the CESS programme is expected to take place this year barring all challenges. We therefore seek your prayers and support in making our dreams achievable.CRAN Microfinance also expects a number of investors who have expressed interest in its operations to begin investing in its operations this year, God on our side.

The newsletter for the last quarter of 2011 has been sent to you for your update on our work in Ghana. God bless you for the support over the period and have a blessed year 2012.

CRAN GHANA Newsletter 2011-Q4

As part of efforts to improve communication between CRAN and its stakeholders, we have created and revisited our websites. Separate websites are now created for CRAN and CRAN Microfinance. is for CRAN and is for CRAN Microfinance.

We wish you a happy reading.

Noble Johnson K. Kukubor
Communications & PR Officer
Christian Rural Aid Network (CRAN)