CRAN Newsletter – 2nd Quarter 2012

Dear Partners/Associates,

We are so happy to once again present to you the newsletter for the 2nd Quarter of the year 2012. A number of activities which marked the beginning of the year have continued and are still being pursued for the betterment of the rural communities in Ghana.

CRAN Newsletter – 2nd Quarter 2012

We have been so much grateful to you for standing by us no matter what the situation; we are sure the good Lord Himself would bless and replenish your efforts at helping to improve the lot of deprived and disadvantaged communities, thereby closing the gap between rural and urban communities in Ghana.

CRAN is still committed with the vision and mission of reducing poverty and ignorance which are higher causes of social injustice among the rural poor. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, our partners and associates that your businesses would flourish so you could carry out your God-given conviction to support the course of growth in this part of Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are resolved as an organisation to provide you with qualitative and quantitative information and update about our work in Ghana so that you can be abreast of development in Ghanaian rural communities as far as CRAN is concerned.

In that regard, we would be providing you with frequent information as much as possible. We wish you the peace of the Living God and pray that He would provide you leadership for the next half of the year. God bless you.

Yours sincerely,
Noble Johnson K. Kukubor
Communications & PR Officer